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PAUSE July Office Hours

Hello everybody! We will be open from July 21st to 30th. Definite time will be updated through PAUSE website and other social media platform. Make sure you check back for more updates. http://pause.sa.utoronto.ca/about/office-hours/  

Recruiting: PAUSE Orientation Leader 2015

PAUSE is having our very first PSYCHOLOGY ORIENTATION 2015 and we are looking for individual who are energetic and ready to have fun as one of our Orientation Leader.  For  more details go to “events” and click on “PAUSE Psychology Orientation 2015” or click the link below:  http://pause.sa.utoronto.ca/volunteer/pause-ol-2015/

PAUSE Last OH of Semester 2015

Hello Everybody! Tomorrow is the last office hour for this semester. We are open from 12 to 4pm. Drop by when you have the chance!! Check out the link for more details: http://pause.sa.utoronto.ca/about/office-hours/

PAUSE is here to help for the summer!

Looking for past test? No worries!! PAUSE comes to the rescue!! We offer PSY100 Test Packages to students at $7 for members and $9 for non-members. It covers multiple choice questions from recent tests. ***Answers included*** We also rent out upper year past tests at no charge for members and $1 per test for non-members…
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UPDATE: Office hour for May 20th 2015

Good afternoon everyone!!  Quick update on today (May 20th) office hours:  we are open from 2pm to 4pm We apologize for the short notice, have a great day

PAUSE Office Hours

Hello everyone, PAUSE’s office hours have ended for the term. If you wish to pick up assignments and tests please refer to Yohaan’s office hour schedule. For any issues and concerns you can contact Yohaan Fernandes at yohaan.fernandes@mail.utoronto.ca. Best of luck on your exams!

Waffles With Walker

This will be an event where you can become more acquainted with one of the Psychology Department’s Faculty on a more informal level. Come and learn a more about Professor Walker on a more personal level while enjoying a little brunch! FREE waffles with fruit and whip cream/maple syrup will be served! Hope you see…
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Election Period Underway!

Hello everyone, the election period for executive positions has begun and nomination forms are now available. Nomination forms will be due to the CRO by FRIDAY MARCH 13! * IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU BOOK AN INTERVIEW WITH THE CURRENT EXECUTIVE IN THE POSITION YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEFORE YOU HAND IN YOUR APPLICATION!* Pause Executive…
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2nd General meeting

There have been a lot of changes going on in the PAUSE society. Come and learn more about PAUSE, the positions available for elections, how to run, as well as getting a few tips from executive members from classes to just general questions. -This will take place March 6th from 12-2pm in DH 3075!

Grad School info Session

If you are looking for general or specific information about where your Psychology degree can take you after your undergraduate years at UTM, you are more than welcome to attend this info session hosted by Professor Kamenetsky! -This will take place March 3, 2015 from 3-5pm in the Faculty Club (Dv3140)