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APA Workshop

Need help or clarification on how to reference your work? This workshop is for you. Recommend it to your friends if they also have trouble. Its a walk-in event welcome to all UTM students

Multiple Choice Workshop

Multiple choice tests bringing you down? Don’t fear! PAUSE is hosting a free multiple choice workshop for all UTM students. Midterms are on their way and if you’re having trouble with multiple choice, we strongly recommend you drop by. Looking forward to seeing you and don’t forget to bring a friend! 🙂

Note Taking Workshop

Not sure how to tackle those readings AND take notes? Listening to a professor and wondering what to write down? Want to improve your note taking skills? If you have experienced these questions, then this workshop is for you! PAUSE is hosting a note taking workshop and all students are welcome! Participants will learn new…
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Want to volunteer with PAUSE?

Hi everyone, To begin, it was a pleasure to meet and chat with all of you at clubs week! We were able to advertise our events planned for this year, our services, and current volunteer opportunities. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS Couldn’t make it out to Welcome Week? Want to get involved with PAUSE? Want to volunteer on…
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Get PAUSE updates on your phone for free!

Fast Follow Method: Text Follow PAUSEUTM to 21212 on a Canadian based phone Hate missing out when there’s a meditation seminar? Want to know more about PAUSE but don’t have enough data on your phone to do it? Follow PAUSE on your phone for free! Fast Follow Method: Text Follow PAUSEUTM to 21212 on a…
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Welcome Back, UTM Psych Students!

We are the Psychology Association of Undergraduate Students at Erindale (PAUSE). Our role is to assist psychology students at UTM with their courses and extracurricular activities. Check our website throughout the school year for information on past tests, events, and how to get involved. You can also follow us on: Portal Facebook Group Facebook Page…
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Suggestions Box

Help P.A.U.S.E. by speaking up. Feel free to email us at psychology[at]utmsu.ca and tell us how we are doing. We love to hear from you!

Statistics Test

Hey members! To better serve you, and design more workshops to suit your needs, we need you to fill out this survey!