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UPDATED Research Symposium!

Have you completed some research and missed the opportunity to present it due to COVID-19? Take part in your research symposium and fulfill that missing piece! Send in your submissions to https://www.dropbox.com/il/vglbk94rebdx6nooj6p1x and then register yourself as a presenter or audience member at https://forms.gle/vfWnWpXVX2JRK4Ah6! UPDATE: The event has been rescheduled to AUGUST 28 from 12-3pm…
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2020-21 PAUSE Elections!

Want to be more involved with PAUSE? We are looking for executive members for the upcoming academic year! The nomination period is now happening, so get your forms submitted! For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

Heart rate workshop with Professor Andersen!

Ever feel like you’re getting stressed and your heart rate is increasing but you can’t get it under control? We’ve got the solution for you!! Come out to our heartrate workshop with Professor Andersen, where you can use her heart rate machines and learn ways to control your heartbeat. Space is limited and only 20…
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Dissecting a research paper workshop!

Struggle at analyzing research papers? Come out to our workshop with a librarian to learn how to dissect a research paper! This is very helpful for both courses and conducting research, so make sure to bring your friends! *Workshop ends at 1pm

ROP Night!

Come out if you are interested in applying for ROPs this year!


We are not able to give out past tests for any courses this semester, sorry for the inconvenience! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Valentine’s Special with Prof. Impett!

We all have Valentine’s day in our minds, whether in a good or bad way ? Why not learn about romantic relationships? from one of our leading relationship researchers, Professor Impett! You will also get the chance to get to know Prof Impett and meet fellow students! Grab your friends and significant others and see…
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S.A.D. Discussion

ANOTHER EVENT? You heard that right! Come out to a discussion on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with Professor Walker! SAD is more common than you think so come out and learn about it! Bring your friends and see you there ?

PSY100 Study Hall!

Taking PSY100? Stressed for a test? Need some extra review? Want to study better by studying with others ? If you said yes to any of these, we’ve got you covered! Come out and study with fellow students for PSY100 using our study hall!We are also looking for mentors who did well in the course,…
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Associate Applications!

Hey PAUSE members! We are hiring associates for the 2019-20 year! If you want to gain experience working with one of our executive members and want that experience to be CCR-approved, apply now! Remember, applications are due on October 1st! Link down below!